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One of your most beautiful Aegean islands opens its arms. Studded eight picturesque villages, exquisite examples of traditional island architecture, captures the look of the first stigmi.O Adamas, seaside village, is the largest tourist center of the island

Plaka, the capital, perched on the edge of the castle offers wonderful sunsets and romantic walks along the narrow cobbled alleys.

The beautiful Tripiti with windmills.

Triovasalos, Pera Triovasalos.

the Plates,


and finally Pollonia, the picturesque fishing village is a well organized tourist resort, will enchant even the most demanding visitor.

Worthy visiting and admiring the quirks settlements Climate Fourkovouni, Virtue, Fyropotamos, Mantrakia, Mytakas and Agios Konstantinos, offering the viewer a set of visual feast. In them there are wires, spaces dug into soft rock and painted in bright colors, which serve to protect boats from the strong winds. These exclusive Aegean settlements, built on small creeks are charming fishing port.

Rental Point.

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