Spa tourism

Spa tourism

Milos thanks to volcanic activities and thanks to the post-volcanic hydrothermal activity has many spas, known since antiquity for their healing properties.

The island has many hot springs with different temperature and composition of water. Below you can find the most important of them:

 – Bathrooms Adamas Lakkou

Temperature: 33 – 41 C⁰, depending on the sea level and weather
Recommendation: thermal mineral sulphide, ferrous, chlorinated

– Bathrooms Adamas Death

Temperature: up to 85 C⁰
Recommendation: chlorinated, alipiges

– Alikes

Located north of Aliki cheap cave with a narrow entrance. The source is chlorinated and empties into a deep pit measure, filled with water and mud.

Temperature: 28 – 40 C⁰
Recommendation: chlorinated, radioactive

– Provatas

Temperature: 65 – 90 C⁰
Recommendation: sulphide, fumaroles

– Paliohori

Temperature: 65 – 90 C⁰
Recommendation: sulphide, alipiges

– Three Wells

Temperature: 33 – 41 C⁰
Recommendation: alipiges

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